Eilean Donan castle, Scotland

Eilean DonanĀ is named for its master St. Donan, formerly known as Abbot Donan, who is Ayrshire of the 6th century and lives a monastic life in the castle. In 618 April 17th, he and 52 other monks were beheaded by a group of pirates while he and other monks were celebrating the Holy Eucharist. Because the castle is located on the west coast, it has always been a first-place subject to the invasion. Evidence shows that Germans, Vikings, and later the Spaniards, was landed here.

The movie, The World Is Not Enough, had a shot here.

Today, you can explore nearly every part of the castle, and enjoy a journey through the history of the area. The Castle now has its own visitor center, which includes the Ticket Office, Coffee Shop, Gift Shop and toilets. Ample Car parking is available at no charge. Some people say Eilean Donan is the most beautiful castle in Scotland. Come and decide for yourself!