Gripsholm Castle, Sweden

Gripsholm castle is unique and fascinating. A place fulfills with history.

This retro-style castle was built 450 years ago and had a lot of furniture and decorations in four-century period. Gripsholm is also the place at where the Swedish National Portrait Gallery is.

The castle is locatted on the side of Mälaren lake in Mariefred and about an hour from Stockholm. What makes it special is the architecture in different section revealing the history of the expanding continuously over centuries. The oldest section is from early 16th century and the most recent one is from 19th century. There are a lot of collections of painting and royalty which also tell the history of this ancient place.

The castle has a theater built from late 18th century having similar style as the Drottningholm theater and is also the residence of king and queen. Visitors could sometimes spot the “white lady” here on the stage. Lots of concerts would be host in the garden during summer.

Best way to visit Gripsholm is to take boat trip from Mariefred to Stockholm.

Things to do

  • Join tour of the castle

How to get there

  • Take air to Stockholm or Mariefred