Nymphenburg Palace, Germany

Nymphenburg is the ancient princely summer palace. It is located in the northern suburb of Munich Kersee and built in 1664-1728. The main building is Baroque style. The Palace faces east with square building linked together. The length in the front is about 600 meters. Ferdinand Maria of Wales built Nymphenburg as a gift for […] Read More

Turku castle, Finland

Turku, a military defense castle, is located next to the estuary of the Aura River and was built in 1280. The castle was expanded between 1574-1588 including the hall used for king and queen to meet visitors. The new part was built in Renaissance style. Turku was the territory of Sweden back to the old […] Read More

Eilean Donan castle, Scotland

Eilean Donan is named for its master St. Donan, formerly known as Abbot Donan, who is Ayrshire of the 6th century and lives a monastic life in the castle. In 618 April 17th, he and 52 other monks were beheaded by a group of pirates while he and other monks were celebrating the Holy Eucharist. Because […] Read More

Wartburg castle, Germany

This imposing medieval fortress, Wartburg castle, standing atop a mountain on the outskirts of Eisenach, is best known as the place where Martin Luther sought refuge following his excommunication in 1521 and serves as one of Germany’s most prolific national symbols. Wartburg is located in the north of the Alps Mountains in Thuringia, Germany, and […] Read More

Hohenzollern castle, Germany

Hohenzollern Castle, one of the most famous castle in Germany, is located in 20 km south of the hill in Tübingen and also the birthplace of Hohenzollern. Hohenzollern Brandenburg, Prussia, is the ruling family of German Empire between 1415 and 1918. Hohenzollern was built in the 11th century and expended by Prussian architects, Von Prittwitz […] Read More

West Chateau de Chillon castle, Switzerland

Chillon castle built on the prominent rock on the Rhine Lake in Montreux as if floating in the lake is a representative of the beautiful ancient of Switzerland. The castle is located in the lakeside and maintain the style of the Middle Ages. Chillon Castle has robust appearance and coordinated look of the surrounding landscape. […] Read More