Nymphenburg Palace, Germany

Nymphenburg is the ancient princely summer palace. It is located in the northern suburb of Munich Kersee and built in 1664-1728. The main building is Baroque style. The Palace faces east with square building linked together. The length in the front is about 600 meters.

Ferdinand Maria of Wales built Nymphenburg as a gift for his wife who gave birth to a son of the kingdom.
10-Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, Germany
It took 200 years to finish the expansion project. Although the palace is not as luxury as French King Louis XIV palace, it is certainly one of the largest palace in German and  is famous for the Ladies gallery in the southern building. Lots of art lovers and tourists are strongly attracted by the gallery.

Malin Palace, a small size of the hunting palace, is nestled in the green with slim and beautiful interiors. It’s a most visit place.