Ellora Caves, India

Ellora Caves is located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, a city at about 25-30 km in northwest of India. There are 34 seat grottos (12 of Buddhist cave, 17 of Hindu cave and 5 of Jainism Grottoes) distributed within 2 km in Ellora which are the places for religious activity in the era of the Chalukya dynasty […] Read More

Milan Cathedral, Italy

Milan Cathedral (Churchof Duomo) is the famous Italian Catholic Church and also known as “dumo Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Its scale ranks second in the world. Milan located in the Alps Ohlone riverside is an ancient historic city and the second largest city in Italy. The construction started in 1386 and finished in 1897. The […] Read More

Glass House, England

Reported by “Daily Mail” in British, London’s famous architect, Carlo Santambrogio, exhibits his new design on August, 2012, the Glass house, constructed entirely of transparent glass including the wall, roof and interior furnishings such as dining table, chairs and stairs. The design would expose indoor activities under watchful eyes. In other words, people could easily […] Read More

Stained Glass Salt Ponds, San Francisco

When flying over San Francisco Bay, be sure not to miss the gorgeous and picturesque local color salt evaporation ponds operated by the US company, Cargill. It’s one of the world’s most amazing man-made wonders. The colored salt pond looks like a palette. It’s a shallow artificial pool for evaporation of sea water or other […] Read More

Nymphenburg Palace, Germany

Nymphenburg is the ancient princely summer palace. It is located in the northern suburb of Munich Kersee and built in 1664-1728. The main building is Baroque style. The Palace faces east with square building linked together. The length in the front is about 600 meters. Ferdinand Maria of Wales built Nymphenburg as a gift for […] Read More