Turku castle, Finland

Turku, a military defense castle, is located next to the estuary of the Aura River and was built in 1280. The castle was expanded between 1574-1588 including the hall used for king and queen to meet visitors. The new part was built in Renaissance style. Turku was the territory of Sweden back to the old […] Read More

Eilean Donan castle, Scotland

Eilean Donan is named for its master St. Donan, formerly known as Abbot Donan, who is Ayrshire of the 6th century and lives a monastic life in the castle. In 618 April 17th, he and 52 other monks were beheaded by a group of pirates while he and other monks were celebrating the Holy Eucharist. Because […] Read More

Gripsholm Castle, Sweden

Gripsholm castle is unique and fascinating. A place fulfills with history. This retro-style castle was built 450 years ago and had a lot of furniture and decorations in four-century period. Gripsholm is also the place at where the Swedish National Portrait Gallery is. The castle is locatted on the side of Mälaren lake in Mariefred […] Read More

The Shard in London, England

The Shard, landmark in London, was officially opened in superb after a laser and light show. The building is 310 meters high and is the tallest building in Western Europe. The Shard dwarfs other landmarks in London and is also the tallest building in Western Europe throne. Visitors will need to take 30 seconds to […] Read More

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya) means “invincible” in Sanskrit and is located in Thailand where may not have high visibility and popularity compared with Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket but is still a unique tourist destination to visit. There are many world-famous ancient ruins in Thailand in which Ayuttaya is the site you don’t want to miss. Read More

Machu Picchu, South America

Machu Picchu (Ma Qiu Bixi) is located in 130 kilometers north from Cusco. It is a well-known monuments of Pre-Columbian Inca Empire. The entire site is towering above the ridge (2350-2430 meters above sea level) and overlooks the Urubamba Valley. It is one of the new seven wonders of the world.   Read More