Milan Cathedral, Italy

Milan Cathedral (Churchof Duomo) is the famous Italian Catholic Church and also known as “dumo Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Its scale ranks second in the world. Milan located in the Alps Ohlone riverside is an ancient historic city and the second largest city in Italy. The construction started in 1386 and finished in 1897. The dome was completed in 1500 and gilded Virgin Mary statue was placed on the central tower in 1774. Milan Cathedral is not only the symbol of but also the center of Milan. Napoleon held a coronation ceremony here in 1805.

Milan Cathedral is Italy’s largest Gothic Cathedral, the good name of the symbol of Milan.

The main building was built in 1386 and the foundation stone was laid by Ji’an Visconti, member of the prominent families in Milan. Most of the construction was completed in 1813 and the rest was completed in 1965 when all bronze doors are installed in the front of the church.

It takes more than five centuries to finish the construction of Milan Cathedral and that makes it contain several  architectural styles  including Gothic, neo-classical, neo-Gothic, also known as Baroque.

The main church is made of white marble and is one of Europe’s largest marble building said marble mountain.

Milan Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral and second, after Vatican St. Peter’s Basilica, in terms of size in the world. The architects from countries like Germany, France and Italy, have been involved in the design of main church and that brings together a variety of architectural style from different ethnic group, notably in Germany.

Compared to the richly decorated church outside, the interior of the church is a lot of low-key.

24 large windows inside the church are 20 meters high and color painting depicting religious stories. The color of the painting becomes more vivid when the irradiation of light is passing through.