Ellora Caves, India

Ellora Caves is located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, a city at about 25-30 km in northwest of India. There are 34 seat grottos (12 of Buddhist cave, 17 of Hindu cave and 5 of Jainism Grottoes) distributed within 2 km in Ellora which are the places for religious activity in the era of the Chalukya dynasty (Kannada: ಚಾಲುಕ್ಯರು [tʃaːɭukjə]), an Indian royal dynasty that ruled large parts of southern and central India between the 6th and the 12th centuries.

Ellora is famous of its sculpture, formally presented the characteristics of Mahayana Buddhism. The 16th curve, Kailasa Temple, is very famous of its perfect scene between the environment and sculpture and is the art of architecture in the history.